LED Signs Can be Moved by an App

Charvet Digital Media of Lyon, France, has developed the iGirouette display system for interactive signposts. The two LED-based signs can rotate on the sign posts and can be remotely operated to change both the text and the direction. This can be done by a central control system and the rotation can be controlled to a precision of ±2.5º within 15s. As an alternative, consumers can be given access to allow the sign to point to a particular destination or attraction, using an app. The app can support wayfinding for users over a number of signs, recognising the approach of the user and changing appropriately. A QR code on the post enables application download.

The signs are double-sided and each side can be independently programmed.

The size is 768 x 192mm and there is support for 4096 colours. Pitch is around 5.5mm Power consumption is 250W

Fifteen of the signs are being installed in Lyon with the support of the local government.