Signage on the Rise in Spain, Portugal…

OVAB Europe has been expanding its Digital Signage Business Climate index lately, and has just released its latest for Spain and Portugal. The index rose 14.77 points, to 54.74.

After more than two years of recession, the region’s economy has been rising since Q3’13. Confidence in domestic investments has risen with the improving job market. Higher cash flow provides more leverage with companies’ strategic budgets – as most signage projects are dependent on these, expectations for the future are positive.

Retail and shopping centres are two of the most important vertical markets for signage in the region, due to rising consumer spending. There is a high demand for entry-level signage, due to falling hardware prices and availability of plug-and-play solutions. However, the costs of UltraHD equipment – which are still high – are limiting expectations for the technology.

52.4% of stakeholders in OVAB’s survey said that their current business was good and 33.3% said that it was satisfactory. Over the next six months, 71.4% think that the market will grow and 28.6% think that it will remain unchanged – no respondents had a negative outlook.