Beneluz Ends DOOH Slump

OVAB Europe’s Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) shows an increase in Benelux since the last poll in September. The Index has risen from 52.38 base points to 61.36, ending a shallow slump that began in the early summer.

The economy in the Benelux region has stabilised, although it remains at a low growth level. A positive target for the economy and expectations of labour market improvements in 2015 have had a positive effect on the signage market outlook for 2015.

In a reflection of the Spain/Portugal market, there is a high demand for entry-level signage; however, customers are more inclined to use higher-performing products. The high costs of UltraHD equipment are limiting take-up and forecasts for the technology, but demand is expected to rise in the next 12 – 18 months.

Only 4.5% of those questioned rated the current digital signage market as poor (40.9% said that it was satisfactory and 54.5% said that it was good). 72.7% of 346 think that the market will grow over the next six months and 27.3% think that it will remain unchanged.