SID Catch Up

screenshot tactile

Well, we created a very big SID report, but it seems we still missed some things.

Irish company, Solas OLED said that it has a number of patents relating to OLED structures, display design and architecture and driver circuitry. The company said that the patents relate to the active matrix electronics. The company is also interested in buying patent portfolios in OLED.

Tianma had a 10.4″ LCD that uses haptics based on static electricity to generate sensations such as texture and click. The system uses two different frequencies in the X & Y directions and the difference between them generates different sensations. The integration of haptics makes the usage of touch displays more intuitive in applications such as automotive.

We didn’t spot that Visionox had shown OLED materials with Thermally-Activated Sensitized Fluorescence (TASF). The company said that the sky blue material has luminous efficiency of 26.6 cd/A, EQE of more than 17%, 800 cd/m² of brightness and peak wavelength of 468nm and with coordinates of CIEx 0.153 and CIEy 0.201. We found a patent on this topic that explains that the material is doped with TADF material.

We also spotted this GIF from the firm that showed its folding OLEDs.

Visionox Folding