Sharp Uses IGZO in AMOLED

Sharp has developed a 3.4″ flexible OLED panel, Japan’s Nikkei reports. The device can be freely bent, both during manufacturing and afterwards, by consumers.

The prototype was developed at Sharp’s facility in Tenri, Nara Prefecture. It uses Sharp’s IGZO transistor and has 960 x 540 resolution. Aperture ratio is 57% and thickness is 70µm. The device has a bend radius of 10mm, and weighs 2g.

The Nikkei claims that Sharp will invest as much as ¥200 billion ($1.8 billion) into its OLED business over the next four years, using money from Foxconn.

Analyst Comment

This looks similar to the prototype OLED display that Sharp was showing at SID 2012 (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 24). (TA)