Sharp US Upgrades PN-Y Series

Sharp USA announced the PN-Y series of value-priced displays in 55″ Class (54.6″ diagonal), 49″ Class (48.5″ diagonal), 43″ Class (42.5″ diagonal) and 32″ Class (31.6″ diagonal) and intended as an alternative to the PN-R range, introduced in the US in October. The prices are said to be 30% lower than the previous PN-Y range, but retains 24/7 operation and can support vertical or horizontal mounting (as well as face down or tilted orientations).

There is an integrated media player and bezels are down to 9.5mm, so the sets are slimmer than the last generation. Resolutions are all 1920 x 1080 and brightness is 450 cd/m² for all except the 32″ which is 400 cd/m². Inputs are DVI, VGA and HDMI. Audio is supported at 7W per channel except the 32″ which is 5W per channel.

The PN-Y556, PN-Y436 and PN-Y326 displays will begin shipping in late December. The PN-Y496 display is expected to ship in January 2017.

Sharp PNY Series