Sharp Announces Launch of Flagship 4K TV, AQUOS XLED, in U.S. in Spring 2023. Canada, Mexico, Asian Markets to Follow

Sharp Corporation announced it will release three models (75-, 70-, and 65-inch) of its flagship AQUOS XLED 4K TV in U.S. in spring of 2023.

AQUOS XLED represents a new generation in innovation for image quality, sound quality, and design. It was first launched in Japan in December 2021 and entered Grand China markets, where it garnered high praise.

This AQUOS XLED for the U.S. market was developed based on the latest model of the EP1 lineup in Japan. It uses Xtreme mini LED technology, which controls the dark and light by dividing mini LEDs (which are laid at high density as the backlight) into more than 2,000 areas. It also adopts Deep Chroma QD technology, which uses quantum dot technology to convert the wavelength of the backlight to enable highly pure generation of the three primary colors (red, green, blue), achieving superb brightness and contrast and a wide color gamut. Combining the images with the high-performance speakers on the top and bottom of the screen will immerse the viewer in the acoustics, practically taking them inside the on-screen experience. The pre-installed Google TV allows enjoyment of a range of services and applications. Following its U.S. release, the new AQUOS XLED will undergo a series of launches in Canada, Mexico, Grand China, ASEAN and the Middle East countries and regions starting this spring.

At the same time as the AQUOS XLED launch, Sharp will introduce to the U.S. market six other TV models: OLED TVs (65- and 55-inch) and LCD TVs (75-, 65-, 55- and 50-inch) all equipped with the Roku smart TV OS. This wide lineup has something to match

Comment from Hirofumi Okamoto, BU President of Sharp Corporation’s Smart Display Systems Business Unit:

I am thrilled that Sharp is launching its flagship TV model, AQUOS XLED, to consumers in the U.S. and in other countries and regions. The precise control made possible by its backlight of densely laid mini LEDs and its quantum dot technology enable powerfully expressive brightness and color. The gorgeous images are accompanied by sound that will no doubt give viewers an “excellent experience,” a phrase which inspires the product name.
I welcome you to visit the Sharp booth and experience AQUOS XLED for yourself at CES 2023.