Sharp Adds Colour to Memory LCD

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas’ (SMA) new memory LCD display can show eight colours. The 1.33″ module (LS013B7DH06) is designed for ‘always-on’ products, such as smartwatches. As a memory LCD unit, it can continually show an image without drawing power.

The display has 128 x 128 resolution, using an RGB vertical stripe pixel arrangement. The display is transflective and can be used with a backlight (0.2% transmissive), although the module is not supplied with one.

Contrast ratio is 9:1 (reflective), with a 30ms response time, 80° viewing angles and 6% NTSC coverage. It features an FPC interface.

Sharp is selling the LS013B7DH06 now; price is on application.

Sharp will be demonstrating the display at SID Display Week and we’ll be there to have a close look (BR)