Sharp Achieves New Pixel Density

There have been two stories lately about high-resolution panels developed by Sharp. First is a continuation of the UltraHD smartphone panel rumour that we covered last month (Display Monitor Vol. 21 No 43); this claimed that Sharp was developing a 5″ – 6″ panel to be produced in 2016. According to The Japan Times, Sharp’s senior executive managing officer Norikazu Hoshi said that this panel will be produced at its Kameyama No. 2 facility in 2017. It will be joined by another UltraHD-capable product, based on LTPS LCD technology.

Next we move to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper. The Nikkei says that Sharp has developed an IGZO LCD panel with 736ppi – its highest ever. Sharp’s closest competitor is an LTPS panel with just under 550ppi, while its highest-resolution IGZO unit had a pixel density below 500ppi.

The new panel is 4.1″ with 2560 x 1600 resolution. Volume production will begin in 2016, although samples will be shipped next year, said the source.