Semtech’s BlueRiver Platform Utilized By Panasonic Connect For SDVoE Display Products

Semtech announced a collaboration with Panasonic Connect for display products integrated with Semtech’s BlueRiver platform. With BlueRiver, the new Panasonic Connect display products are now able to support Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) and are ideal for applications in business, education and esports.

“Panasonic has products shipping now that support the Smart Display Module (SDM) format: the Advanced 4K LED displays for business which includes EQ2, SQE1 and SQ1 series. And the lineup continues to grow with the recent addition of SQE2,” explained Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic Business. “Panasonic well appreciates the solution capabilities that SDVoE enables through the Semtech’s BlueRiver platform and is keen to see integrators specify these interface options to seamlessly complement their choice of Panasonic products.”

With the introduction of the Intel Smart SDM product concept, AV input options choices have increased for standard displays. Display manufacturers can now simply provide the SDM card slot on their products to be populated at deployment with the SDM input interface required by the installation. By employing BlueRiver in the SDM small form factor, the power and flexibility of SDVoE can be enabled on any standard SDM-based display product, for direct and seamless connection to the AV-over-IP network. BlueRiver complements Panasonic’s growing range of display products for the Professional AV market that feature a flexible input slot that meets Intel SDM specifications. This architecture offers simplification and sleek integration to the Professional AV market since a built-in SDVoE capable receiver means there is no need for an external device. The growing number of display and projector options from Panasonic will support the SDM modules that include Semtech’s BlueRiver chipset.

“SDVoE via SDM brings the flexibility to connect sources to screens via off the shelf Ethernet with perfect fidelity, complete synchronization and near zero latency,” said Melissa Nolet, director of product management of video products for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “These modules allow system integrators and designers to specify solutions that match the powerful and sleek display products from Panasonic with the unmatched performance of the SDVoE platform powered by Semtech’s BlueRiver technology.”