Semtech Displays UHDTV Hybrid SDI/IP Interoperability of Its 12Gb/s UHD-SDI Portfolio at the SMPTE® 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2015)

Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, will demonstrate the interoperability of its 12Gb/s UHD-SDI product portfolio by transporting ultra-high definition video over a next-generation UHDTV hybrid SDI/IP infrastructure featuring advanced technology from intoPIX, Xilinx, TVLogic and BES at the Society of Motion Pictures & Television Engineers [®] (SMPTE [®] ) 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2015) in Hollywood on October 26-29. The demonstration will take place at the intoPIX booth, Dolby room, booth 207 in the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

Next-generation UHDTV infrastructures are expected to require the integration of UHD-SDI and emerging IP interface technologies. The demonstration features seamless interoperability of Semtech’s UHD-SDI solutions in a hybrid SDI/IP infrastructure and features the GS12141 cable equalizer and the GS12181 cable driver, in conjunction with intoPIX, a leader in hybrid compressed SDI/IP solutions, and their TICO compression technology, a visually lossless, lightweight compression specifically designed for the broadcast industry. The demonstration includes FPGA IP cores that support TICO compression and SMPTE ST2022-6 encapsulationprovided by Xilinx, a major supplier of FPGA broadcast video solutions; an advanced 55 inch 12Gb/s UHD-SDI UHDTV monitor by TVLogic, a manufacturer of leading-edge UHDTV broadcast display solutions; and a 12Gb/s UHD-SDI patch field from BES, a supplier of advanced broadcast patch panel products.

“Hybrid SDI/IP infrastructures are being realized today using a combination of SDI and IP technologies. With the requirement to support UHDTV image formats going forward, those same hybrid infrastructures must now also support a combination of base-band UHD-SDI and mezzanine compressed 3G-SDI and IP interfaces,” said Gael Rouvroy, CTO of intoPIX. “Semtech’s portfolio of SDI and UHD-SDI solutions facilitates seamless operation of next-generation UHDTV hybrid SDI/IP infrastructures.”

“The interoperability of Semtech’s UHD-SDI portfolio in a hybrid SDI/IP infrastructure utilizing intoPIX’s TICO light compression technology is expected to address the critical requirements of broadcasters as they update their facilities with UHDTV-enabled infrastructures,” said John Hudson, Director of Strategic Technology and New Business Development for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group. “We believe advanced UHDTV solutions from TVLogic and BES will further drive rapid adoption of next-generation UHDTV hybrid SDI/IP infrastructures.”

Key Features of the GS12141 & the GS12181

  • Multi-standard operation: 1Mb/s to 11.88Gb/s for increased design flexibility and a wider range of end-product applications.
  • Performance optimized: Ultra-long cable reach at all data rates, enabling designs that offer maximum performance (GS12141), and ultra-low additive jitter for increased PCB design margin and class-leading output return loss performance that surpasses SMPTE specifications at all rates, simplifying board optimization and speeding time to market (GS12181).
  • Ultra-low power consumption: Ideal for multi-channel, high-density designs to minimize overall power consumption.
  • Advanced feature set: Output pre-emphasis compensates long PCB trace lengths, simplifying PCB optimization (GS12141), and input trace equalization compensates for long input trace lengths, critical for optimizing performance in 12Gb/s UHD-SDI designs (GS12181).