Second-Screen TV Viewers in France Grow by 1 Million

The number of individuals aged four and above in France watching TV via computer, tablet or smartphone has risen by 1 million over the past year, and now sits at 4.9 million, according to the latest edition of Médiamétrie’s Global TV survey.

2.5 million—more than 50%—of these are aged 25 and under, despite this age group making up just 26% of the country’s population. The under-25 second-screen viewership has increased by a third since last year, and spends an average 1 hour 51 minutes watching TV online each day.

The TV still accounts for 96% of the time spent watching television. According to the report, 43.3 million viewers spend 4 hours and 45 minutes each day watching programmes via a TV.

The computer was previously the most widely-used options for watching TV online, but has now been superseded by mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets accounting for 54% of online television viewing. This is also primarily due to the under-25 age group, who spend 62% of their viewing time on a mobile device.

Those who watch TV on a second screen tend to use websites and apps, using their computer, tablet or smartphone. However, the under-25s prefer to use free online video platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion.