Seasonal GPU Pick-up is Good for Nvidia

Jon Peddie Research has published its latest data on GPU shipments and said that while year on year shipments dropped 3.3%, the market was 9.3% up on Q2, slightly below the 9.52% long term average change.JPR GPU History

Nvidia was the big winner, up 30%, AMD by 7.63% and Intel was up by 5%, all quarter on quarter which meant that Nvidia increased its share to get close to 20% for the first time since 2010. The attach rate of GPUs to PCs for the quarter was 144% and there were discrete GPUs in 39.55% of PCs, up 4.18%. Add-in boards (AIBs) with discrete GPUs were up 29.05% from last quarter and tablet shipments were also up.

Nvidia’s discrete desktop GPU shipments were up 34.7% from last quarter; and the company’s discrete notebook GPU shipments increased 22.4%, and total PC graphics shipments increased 29.5% from last quarter.

Analyst Comment

At the Fujitsu Forum, the company’s head of Workstations told us that Nvidia was doing very well in graphics at the moment and that is seen in JPR’s result. It looks to us as though Nvidia is in the best position in market share, compared to AMD, for a long time.and the growth in share since the end of 2014 is impressive. Of course, one of the factors is the use of GPUs for currency mining. (BR)