Screen Innovations Shows Ambient Light Rejecting and Short Throw Projection Screen

Screen Innovations, the Texas-based developer and manufacturer of projection screens showed its new Slate 0.8 screen at Infocomm 2015. The screen has a dark gray color and increases contrast by 300% versus a matt white or gray screen. The screen comes in heights up to 106″ (2.7m) and length up to 340′ (103 m) without any seams. The price for a diagonal 100″ (2.5m) screen is $3,240.

The Flexglass Black rear projection screen is made from polycarbonate and is extruded to the desired size. The maximum sizes are 99′ (30m) in length and 8.5′ (2.6m) in height. A 100″ screen will cost about $2,000.

The company also showed its new short throw ST screen that absorbs ambient light from the sides and above, while reflecting light coming from the projector below. Screen Innovations showed this on the show floor with a Sony 4k short throw projector, as shown below in the picture.

SI shortthrow ST

We have to keep in mind that this picture was taken on the show floor with overhead lighting and not in a dark tent. A 100″ (2.5m) diagonal screen will cost $4,400. – NH