ScioTeq Launches Next Generation Radar Displays

ScioTeq, the leading manufacturer of advanced visualization solutions in the Air Traffic Control, Defense & Security and Avionics market, launches its next generation ATC main radar displays at World ATM in Madrid at booth 333.

ScioTeq started in the early 2000’s a true revolution in the ATC market with its square 2K2K radar display. Since then, the ATC community has embraced this 28” 2K2K display, till the point that more than 70% of the largest airports in the world used ScioTeq displays.

In this fast evolving ATC market, ScioTeq never stopped listening to the needs of this market, and still leads by innovation. This is why ScioTeq is launching its 5th generation 2K2K display at World ATM.

The real differentiators of this MDP-471/5 are the lower lifetime cost, the dual redundant power supply as standard and the optional recording-at-the-glass.

MDP 471 5

This recording-at-the-glass offers recording agnostic video output to any recording solution, including layout, OSD and mouse movements for the best analysis possible.

Another example of ScioTeq’s innovative character is ScioTeq’s MDP-843 43” radar display. Air traffic controllers sometimes prefer using one single main screen for day-to-day work. The amount of information and tools provided to controllers is continuously increasing, hence the need for more display space.

Organizations either opt for a single-screen working position or for a multi-screen working setup using the ScioTeq 2Kx2K MDP-471 main display and the ADP-361 support screens. The ScioTeq MDP-843 main display addresses the concerns of all ATC stakeholders and integrates a 4K2K LCD module into a wide display assembly fit for use in the ATC environment.

MDP 843 2

At World ATM, ScioTeq is launching its second generation 43” 4K2K. Also with dual redundant power supply as a standard, a high brightness range and also with the optional KVM & recording-at-the-glass features.

The real game changers of this MDP-843 KM MUX are the integrated Multi-layout KVM capabilities and recording-at-the-glass solution.

The air traffic controller can connect five different inputs on this revolutionary display and can create up to 12 different layouts to work on. In contingency conditions, a fallback layout can be activated by a single touch of a button. The KM MUX is designed to be as intuitive as possible: one keyboard and one mouse control up to five inputs simultaneously.

Pieter Delva, Product Manager ATC, is very pleased with this launch. “With these next generation displays, ScioTeq once again sets the new benchmark on the ATC market”.

About ScioTeq

ScioTeq has 20 years of experience in the development and production of Air Traffic Control visualization solutions. Our range includes high-resolution main radar displays, auxiliary displays and video distribution solutions.

Our high-quality products are reliable and have a low life cycle cost. User comfort is always a priority, with a clear focus on HMI ergonomics and limited eyestrain. This has made us a leader in the sector. In fact, 7 in 10 airports worldwide currently use the ScioTeq displays for their ATC activities. Our aim? To contribute to safer skies all over the world, one visualization solution at a time.