Samsung XAF Outdoor Modules Support IP65

Samsung has released its XA060F LED signage ccabinets which are intended for outdoor use and are described as durable and weather-resistant (IP65 front/IP45 Rear). The 6mm pitch modules has 6,300 cd/m² of brightness and uses a 2400Hz refresh rate giving a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 14 bit colour support. Default colour temperature is 6500K, but is adjustable from 2,800-16,000K. Modules are 192 x 144 pixels using SMD2727 LEDs in 1152 x 864 x 142mm cabinets (4:3 aspect)

Samsung highlighted the ruggedness of the design and said that the reinforced design, including corrosion-proof painting and anti-UV, deformation-proof housing, extends the XAF Series’ shelf life. The modules are certified for EMI conformance. Power consumption is 350W/m² (typical) or 1000W/m² (max). Cooling is by fan and lifetime is quoted at 100,000 hours to 50% brightness.

Samsung’s design is very clean on the back. Image:Samsung