Samsung Will Use WRGB in OLED TV Return, Says ET News

Samsung Display is resuming its efforts in the OLED TV market – according to Korea’s ET News. The source says that SDC is taking up OLED TV panel production once more, using a different structure to its OLED smartphone panels.

New OLED TV panels from Samsung Display will, apparently, use a WRGB design like LG Display, although ET News implies that the technology was not licensed. An official told ET News, “The most important part is to…avoid collision with LG Display[‘s] patent… It seems it won’t be easy to obtain the technology”.

An SDC executive is quoted by ET News, saying that is is difficult to make a profit in the LCD panel business, justifying the return to OLED. Three options are being considered:

  • Changing all previous OLED panel lines to WRGB;
  • Centralising production on a single line (A3, which as far as we are aware is SDC’s flexible OLED line); or
  • Producing TFTs at a converted G8 LCD fab and depositing organic materials in the A3 line.

Scale has not yet been decided.