Samsung Wants You to Know That It Does MicroLED Really Good

Samsung recently released a video highlighting the years-long journey behind developing its MicroLED display technology. Why talk about this self-promotional, self-serving video? Well, it seems like a good time for Samsung to jump in and say that it knows MicroLED better than anyone else and has years invested in the technology as company’s like Mojo Vision and Aledia raise tens of millions of dollars to disrupt the display industry with their MicroLED technology.

MicroLED represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s decades of experience innovating display technologies is the theme of the message. Ironically, Samsung also says that MicroLED display, while emissive like OLEDs, avoid issues like burn-in with lifespans that can reach 100,000 hours.

Samsung wants you to know that developing MicroLED required overcoming immense technical hurdles. Arranging millions of microscopic LEDs onto a seamless display seemed an impossible task to many in the industry. However, after over 5 years of meticulous research, Samsung found solutions to commercialize this futuristic technology. And, the kicker here is that Samsung is saying that it is applying expertise from semiconductor manufacturing, developing the processes needed to precisely place 24 million MicroLEDs onto each display, like advanced surface-mount technology and nanometer-scale techniques. That’s why Samsung can launch MicroLED TVs from 76 to 114 inches in 2023.

Granted, some of those MicroLED displays are beyond the reach of any but those with science-fiction or Richie Rich wealth. That doesn’t spoil the view for Samsung. It just wants you to know that it leads the world in TV technology and it is taking the next step. It appears that Samsung is sending a message that it will stay ahead of the competition and it confirms one thing, the future of displays is definitely going to make it a semiconductor business.

Yes, it is a promotional piece, which should make Samsung’s engineering teams feel good about their skills with all the mentions they get, but these pieces are not put out with some sort of strategy behind them. They lay the groundwork for a longer campaign. We just don’t know how long and to what ends.