Samsung Folding Phone has Dual Displays

Samsung’s SM-W2017 dual 4.2″ FullHD OLED flip phone (Dual-Screen Phone Coming From Samsung) which was released only in China, is now to ship in South Korea, although no date has been announced. Features include 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM and 5MP/12MP (F1.9) cameras with UltraHD video recording support.

Samsung SM W2017 rotating2Samsung SM W2017 Image:GSMArena

Analyst Comment

I’m not sure I can really get my head around this phone. Although small, the phone is quite thick. Having such a big display on the outside does make it relatively vulnerable to damage and, presumably, relatively heavy on battery, depending on what is displayed. Something very low power, like an EPD (E Ink) display that uses very little power but provides a continuous display might be more useful. (BR)