Samsung To Install Five LED Cinema Screens – Adds Leasing

Samsung continues to start the roll out of its Onyx LED Cinema technology and has developed a new leasing programme for existing and future customers to support the development of the market. It has also announced a deal with an Indian cinema chain to install five new displays by the end of the year. PVR Cinemas installed its first display by the end of August this year.

Analyst Comment

The leasing programme, developed with CSI Leasing, also applies to monitors, digital signage and hospitality TVs. As LED cinema does not have the kind of cost savings that were seen with the switch to digital cinema, but, rather, may even cost distributors more because of the need for differently graded content, dealing with the financial barrier will be an essential enabler of the LED cinema market. Leasing, obviously, changes capex to opex and may enable a faster roll-out.