Samsung Sensor Technology Roadmap Leaked Online

Samsung’s plans to integrate sensors into its OLED display technology have appeared online, after infamous Twitter leaker “Ice Universe” shared an image from the 2018 Samsung OLED Forum in Shenzhen, China.

Image: @UniverseIce via Twitter

The image shows Samsung’s roadmap for new haptic technology, sound-on-display speakers and an under-display camera and fingerprint sensor. In particular, an under-display camera would enable the company to drastically reduce the size of any notch cut-out in future smartphone displays, or eliminate the design altogether in favour of a proper all-screen display.

Vivo previously got around the notch issue with its Nex series, implementing a pop-out partition between the front and rear panels which contained all the necessary front-facing hardware, but this design doesn’t seem to have taken off, either in other Vivo handsets or with any other manufacturer.

Analyst Comment

This integration of sensors into the display is likely to be an increasing trend in the future. If microLED can be successfully developed, one of the key advantages is that the display devices will take up only a tiny proportion of the display space, allowing room for many other functions. (BR)