Samsung Result 29/10/15

Samsung Electronics reported a significant increase of 29% in Q3 2015 profits to KR₩ 5.5 trillion won ($4.7bilion ), up from KR₩ 4.22 trillion YoY, down from KR₩ 7.5 trillion QoQ. Turnover saw a 9% rise to KR₩ 51.68 trillion ($50 billion) from KR₩ 47.45 trillion ($40 billion) YoY. Net profit was supported by a stronger Won, while turnover was supported by strong smartphone and OLED sales.

The Display Panels (DP) segment registered the strongest growth after semiconductors at 13% QoQ and 19% YoY at KR₩ 7.5 trillion ($10 billion). OLED shipments alone increased 30% QoQ, while an increase in shipment area (display size) as well as strong UHD panel sales supported the increase in profits.