Samsung Result 27/10/2016

Samsung Electronics posted Q3 net profit of KRW4.54 trillion ($4.0 billion), down from profit last year of KRW5.46 trillion ($4.8 billion), on revenue of KRW47.83 trillion ($41.8 billion), a decrease from KRW51.68 trillion ($45.2 billion). For the nine months profits fell to KRW15.64 trillion ($13.7 billion) from KRW15.83 trillion ($13.8 billion), on turnover of KRW148.54 trillion ($129.8 billion), up from KRW147.34 trillion ($128.8 billion).

The Display Panel segment saw improved profits with OLED earnings up, due to higher shipments and more sales of high-end products, including flexible displays. In addition the LCD business continued its recovery and turned to profit, with significant growth in the shipment of TV panels.