Samsung Results 24/01/2017

Samsung Electronics announced FY16 Q4 sales of KRW 53.3 trillion ($45.7 bn) with operating profit of KRW 9.2 trillion ($7.9 bn), resulting in an operating margin of 17.3%. The quarterly sales increased 0.01% on a y-o-y basis while the operating profit jumped by 50% as compared to FY15 Q4 figure of KRW 6.14 trillion ($5.3 bn).

The Display Panel sales amounted to 14% of the total sales at KRW 7.42 trillion ($6.4 bn) and saw a 14% increase on a y-o-y basis. Samsung achieved solid earnings in the OLED segment through customer diversification and improving the cost structure. In the LCD segment, Asia Pacific sales remained strong with stable demand-supply conditions and focus on high end products such as UHD/large sized screens.