Samsung QLED TVs Become ‘CalMAN ready’

Samsung has made the Calman with AutoCal software available on its 2017 QLED TVs (Samsung Ties up with Calman).

HS Kim, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said “Samsung QLED TV is the world’s first complete TV product line that incorporates CalMan’s superior calibration and allows our consumers to have the tools at their disposal for a premium viewing experience.”

To use CalMAN with AutoCal software on a QLED TV, users need to obtain the AutoCal Calibration Kit and install the software onto their computer. Once downloaded, users can connect their computer to their QLED TV to begin the autocalibration process. The QLED TV will then share its menu settings with the software so that it can automatically adjust the TV’s picture quality to the user’s preferences.

Martin Fishman, Portrait Displays’ co-CEO, said “Developed specifically for a variety of viewing environments, together with Samsung, we envision CalMAN with AutoCal opening up a new horizon of picture quality for TV displays.”

Samsung QLED TV users can also measure the color volume of their TV using the Calman with AutoCal software.

Analyst Comment

As you would expect, only Samsung QLED TVs can produce ‘100% colour volume’. Although we are quite cynical about this aspect, we are not cynical about the benefits of a good and simple calibration process. There’s a big difference between a well set-up TV and one that has the wrong settings. (BR)