Samsung LED Cinema in Europe

Samsung is installing its first commercial LED Cinema installation in Europe in Zurich, Switzerland, with a single screen system in for the Arena Cinema, which will also install new seating. Samsung Switzerland said that it plans further installations in the next year. The screen will be 10.24 x 5.4 metres with 4096 x 2160 resolution.

The screen will become the third global installation after one in Seoul and another in Thailand and Samsung has an ambitious target of being in 10% of all cinema screens by 2020 – and that’s not a long time in the cinema industry.

Analyst Comment

Chris gave his report on a visit to the LED Cinema in Seoul last month, and was impressed. (My First Movie on an LED Cinema Screen). Samsung’s target is particularly ambitious when you think that, perhaps, cinemas might upgrade their projectors every ten years or so. That would mean that in in three years, 30% might have been expected to be in the market for new units, which would mean that Samsung would have to take a third of all sales. That’s ambitious, but the company has never been short of ambition! (BR)