Samsung Introduces Curved Monitors for Workspace

Employees can spend many hours in front of a computer screen, so it is important that they can focus on the content and avoid eye-strain. Samsung has developed two curved monitors specifically for these users: the S24E650C and S27E650C.

Featuring VA panels, the 23.5″ and 27″ monitors are designed to meet the needs of a working environment. They have 178° viewing angles and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

The curve means that all parts of the screen are equidistant from a user’s eyes, Samsung said. This means less strain from refocusing on different areas. Additionally, Samsung has built a flicker-free backlight into the products. A low blue light mode is also featured.

Both units are height adjustable to 130mm. They can also pivot 90°, tilt from -5° to 20° and swivel 60°. Finally, the monitors have eco-friendly features, such as a Smart Eco mode (lowering power consumption by 10%) and are made of recycled materials.

The monitors reach 300 cd/m² of brightness. They have 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 4ms response time (grey-to-grey), 60Hz refresh rate and display 8-bit colour. They cover 72% of the NTSC gamut. DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI ports are featured, along with USB 3.0 (x4).

Samsung is selling the S27E650C now, for €410. The S24E650C will be launched in early August, for €340. Prices are ex VAT.

Analyst Comment

Of course, the reality is that users view their curved monitors from much closer than the radius of the curve of the monitor, so the comment that all the screen is equidistant from the eye is not correct, although with a curved screen, the variation is smaller. It also keeps viewing angles more consistent. (BR)