Samsung Display Executive Talks About the Importance of Curvature in TV Displays

Samsung Display Co., Ltd., the largest producer of LCD and OLED electronic display panels in the world, today posted a blog from the chief of its development center that speaks to the visual and technical beauty of curved TV displays, and why Samsung believes these displays will have a long life in the global marketplace.

“Curved design has been an anchor of society for thousands of years and curved TV displays are simply a new manifestation of this phenomenon,” said Haksun Kim, executive vice president and chief of the development center, Samsung Display Company. “Throughout history, designers have appreciated both the beauty and practicality of curved creations, just as we are now beginning to understand the full benefits of curved digital displays,” he added.

In his blog entitled “Curved TV Displays: Improving the Big Picture,” Mr. Kim provides a detailed review of several design considerations that underscore the importance of curved TV design. His blog can be found at: