Samsung Denies OLED Plan Rumours

The Korea Herald reports that Samsung Display is denying reports that it is building a new flexible 7G OLED plant in Asan, South Chungcheong Province in Korea. The company told the paper that the ground had been flattened, but that the use of the land is ‘not yet decided’. On the other hand, the Maeil Business News, another Korean paper, said that the plant will be a G6 plant that will use the 6G (1850 x 1500) size as the existing plant in Cheonan, but with a capacity of 135,000 substrates a month.

Analyst Comment

135,000 substrates a month is one every 20 seconds or so, which would mean multiple lines, we reckon, but even at G6 would mean tens of millions (probably around 30 million) of smartphone sized panels per month, which would be a substantial part of the world market for smartphones. A G7 at that level of throughput would be even more. The Korea Herald has said that as much as $14.2 billion might be invested. However, Samsung is due to have an investors’ meeting on 22nd May, so things may be clearer after that. (BR)

Samsung Asan