Samsung Demonstrates OLED Burn

We didn’t spot it at the time, but around IFA, as part of its campaign to spread doubt about OLED technology, Samsung published the video below, showing the effects of 12 hours of game play on an OLED, which had some burn in while, of course, the QLED did not show such symptoms.

Analyst Comment

It must be frustrating for Samsung that it doesn’t seem to be able to show that his burn in is a major problem for home TV users, although it is possible to find complaints on forums, although some are because consumers have bought ‘ex demo’ sets that may have been run in tough conditions, with the same content running at high brightness over long periods.

In general, a period of mixed video viewing seems to clear the problem, so consumers watching TV are not really affected. There is a big potential problem for signage applications. Those of use that have been around digital signage for a long time know that one vendor got driven out of the PDP market partly because the company offered a long warranty on a large number of PDPs that were supplied to a Swiss airport. The cost of replacing the sets multiple times was reckoned to be a big factor in the company withdrawing from the market. (BR)