Samsung Claims First VESA HDR Label

Samsung said that its CHG90 49″ 32:9 QD LCD monitor is the first monitor that has been certified as DisplayHDR 600 compliant. (VESA Releases Open Standard and Test Methodology for HDR in Monitors and Laptops) The contrast of the CHG90 is 3,000:1 and typical brightness is 350 cd/m² with peak brightness of 600 cd/m². Minimum brightness is 250 cd/m².

The CHG70 27″ curved QHD monitor has also got the label.

Analyst Comment

Some commentators remain unconvinced about the VESA specifications as they require only limited contrast (at least 955:1) and don’t rate the use of edge-lit displays for HDR, which can be used for the HDR 400 level, although VESA believes that local dimming is needed to meet the black levels required for HDR600 and HDR1000.

There is some logic to this position, but equally, the specifications that VESA has developed need to reflect what is possible at the kind of pricing that the market expects. The specifications do offer a range of levels of performance that should deliver noticeably better performance than existing products, and that is to be welcomed. (BR)