Samsung Cable Supports DeX on HDMI

Samsung has released a new cable that can be used with the recently announced Note 9 smartphone that can convert the USB-C connector to an HDMI port. The cable can also be used with other Samsung phones using USB Type-C, but, apparently, the DeX ‘desktop’ functions are only supported on the Note 9.

Analyst Comment

Although the cable is widely described as supporting HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2, as it only has an HDMI connector, we believe this is just a misunderstanding. We suspect that the USB Type-C has an ‘alt mode’ (but not the widely available version) that takes DP 1.2 out of the Type-C connector, then converts it to HDMI. As we have reported for a couple of years, this is considered to be cheaper than using a native HDMI alt mode in Type-C – one of the reasons that the HDMI version has sunk without trace. (BR)