Rockwell Collins Does Optical Bonding – with a Curve

Optical bonding is one of the best ways to reduce reflections from a display and provide high contrast, full color viewing – even in high ambient light environments. But not all bonding methods are created equal. Rockwell Collins appears to have one of the better approaches and it stepped up its game a bit at SID 2015.

In particular, the company showed how it can now add a second curved glass optic on top of curved, flat or even two flat panels. The curved glass on top of a curved display seems like a fairly obvious approach. However, the company also showed how it can curve the top glass, making it thick on both ends and thin in the middle and bond it to a flat panel.

For an automotive center console demo, the company took two flat panels mounted at perhaps 30 degrees to each other and bonded a curved, specially formed glass to them both.

Rockwell Collins