Ricoh Intros New 4K VR Camera

Ricoh’s Theta camera is a very popular low-cost VR camera that captures 360º video using back-to-back sensors with dual fisheye lenses in a handheld form factor. At NAB, they announced an upgrade of the camera that can now capture 4K/30 video. As noted in the photo, new is a 4-channel microphone for spatial audio recording and the ability to live stream the 360º content (also seen at Laval Virtual – Man. Ed.). The O/S is Android-based, so once they release the API, they hope developers will develop new apps for the unit.

The company showed a VR demo with people playing stringed instruments and you could turn your head and the sound from various instruments remained fixed in space. Pricing is still TBD, but the current model sells for $349. The new version is expected in 2017. No other information was available from booth personnel. – CC