Researchers Develop 3D Holographic Projection

Two ‘fog screen’ prototype displays have been developed at the City University of Hong Kong. Using projectors to show images, the researchers (Bin Chen, Yaozhun Huang and Miu-Ling) Lam used projection mapping techniques on to a non-planar, reconfigurable fog screen. This means that images can be displayed at multiple levels of depth. Touch interaction is also possible.

The first prototype uses a calibrated projector and fog-emitter modules, mounted on four linear motion platforms; these travel in the direction of the projector’s principle axis. The movement of each platform is synchronised with the image content.

The second unit uses a 2D array of fog emitters, which are individually switchable; this uses a switching patter controlled by a microcontroller and custom electronics. Columns of laminar fog form a non-planar screen, which scatters projected light projected.

Potential applications include CAD, architecture and telepresence. A video can be viewed at

Interactive 3D Fog Display from miu on Vimeo.

Analyst Comment

Perhaps the first step towards Tony Stark’s holographic workstation in Iron Man? Definitely take time to watch the video! (TA)