Redmoo and E Ink Deliver Their First Foldable Color eBook

At the Touch Taiwan 2023, E Ink and Readmoo showcased their latest color e-book reader project, what the companies are claiming to be the first 8-inch foldable e-book.

Redmoo and E Ink’s foldable color eReader. (Source: Redmoo)

The foldable e-book reader is based on E Ink’s Gallery 3 technology, which uses ACeP (advanced color ePaper) full-color electronic paper display. The technology incorporates cyan, magenta, yellow, and white e-ink to present saturated and vivid full-color images. The development team at Readmoo, led by CEO Pang Wen-Zhen, has focused on providing a diverse reading experience while working closely with E Ink. In addition to a vivid color performance, the foldable device with an 8-inch Gallery 3 display also aims to meet readers’ portability and size requirements.

E Ink Chairman Lee Zhenghao expressed his delight at Readmoo’s choice to use the flexible E Ink Gallery 3 technology for their foldable e-book reader. The device offers not only improved color performance but also a significantly faster page-turning speed. The foldable design contributes to the convenience and portability of the e-book reader, offering a new digital reading experience to the public. E Ink continues to develop flexible color e-paper technologies, breaking through physical and application limitations, and moving closer to their vision of making surfaces smart and green.