Recon Instruments Integrating Its Jet Smart Eyewear Solution With SAP® AR Mobile Apps

Recon Instruments, the award-winning technology company behind the world’s first consumer heads-up displays for sports and high-intensity environments, today announced it has been working with SAP to integrate its new Jet smart eyewear with augmented reality (AR) mobile apps from SAP SE (NYSE: SAP).

Jet smart eyewear will enable workers in industries like manufacturing, field service and oil & gas to communicate clearly and access critical data at a glance, without interruption from the task at hand. Recon has been supporting SAP’s development of AR mobile apps, which it anticipates will help accelerate expansion of Recon’s innovative smart eyewear solution to multiple enterprise markets, helping to validate the Jet for multiple use cases beyond its core positioning in sports.

“Including integration support for SAP AR mobile apps in our Jet smart eyewear platform demonstrates the scalability of our platform in industrial markets,” said Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments. “One of Recon’s core philosophies is that smart eyewear can deliver measurable value in specific vertical markets with specific applications. We’ve defined the smart eyewear category on this basis. The integration of SAP’s leading enterprise application software with the core capabilities of the Jet further underscores the strength of our approach.”

Read about the use of Recon’s Jet smart eyewear with SAP’s AR mobile apps in a blog titled “Playing to Win in Wearables” by Josh Waddell, vice president, Mobile Innovation Center, SAP SE. It highlights the outstanding opportunities, benefits and increased operational efficiencies that can be provided to enterprise customers using these technologies together.

Recon’s Jet smart eyewear platform, originally designed for sports, is a stand-alone wearable computer with computing power equivalent to most smartphones on the market today. It includes a 1 Ghz dual core microprocessor, 9-axis sensor suite, on board HD camera with BT, BTLE, ANT+ and Wi-fi communication protocols, all built into Recon’s highly ruggedized hardware platform.