Quantum Materials to Increase QD Capacity to Two Metric Tons

Quantum Materials has announced that it is to increase production capacity to 2000 kilograms of quantum dots and nanoparticles per year in the second quarter of this year. The company said that it is able to leverage short development timelines to plan for increasing quantum dot production and anticipates further production expansion during the rest of 2015.

“We have achieved quality, uniformity and scalability goals with our patented continuous-flow manufacturing process,” said Quantum Materials CEO Stephen Squires, “and so are making the investments in production capacity and people to meet market demand for high-quality quantum dots. We have also made great strides in ramping-up volume production of both Cadmium-core and Cadmium-free (aka heavy-metal free) quantum dots. We perceive Cadmium-free quantum dots will drive future use, particularly in electronic goods destined for highly environmentally-regulated regions such as the European Union”.

The company has made significant capital investment in new automated nanoreactors, expanded lab space and scientific staffing to fulfill quality and quantity requirements for quantum dots in consumer electronics applications. Quantum Materials’ continuous-flow process produces quantum dots in the high volumes, uniformity and reliability needed for integration into UHD 4K LCD display.