Quantum Materials Announces QDX Class Quantum Dots With High Heat, Oxidation and Moisture Resistance

Leading North American quantum dot manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp (OTCQB:QTMM) today launched their new QDX™ class of high-stability Cadmium-free quantum dots at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2015 International Symposium in San Jose, CA.

QDX Quantum Dot production is underway on Quantum Materials’ patented continuous-flow production system and assessment quantities have already shipped to the Company’s largest potential customers.

“Our QDX Quantum Dots represent a game-changing development in advancing next generation display and lighting applications,” said Quantum Materials Corp CEO Stephen Squires. “Their stability under high heat allows for more effective high temperature dispersion onto LCD display thin-film. In Solid-State Lighting, QDX Quantum Dots used in QD-LEDs will give better performance and effective life in high-heat and moisture-laden environments without degradation. We are excited to see QDX Quantum Dots unleash the engineering and design teams of our customers to facilitate advances in display and lighting applications never before possible.”

QDX™ Quantum Dots have been tested to withstand heat resistance to 150 degrees centigrade for four hours with no oxidation performance degradation in an open air environment. Quantum Materials believes that QDX™ attributes and availability in commercial quantities will lead to large-scale mass-production of QD-LCD displays in the near future.

For Quantum Dot Liquid Crystal Display (QDLCD) manufacturing, QDX™ Quantum Dots reduce the need for expensive barrier films currently needed to prevent quantum dot degradation from moisture and oxygen. Custom characteristics can also be incorporated into QDX™, including large Stokes shift to reduce re-absorption loss for increased luminescence and better color purity.

QDX™ Quantum Dots are ideal for LED lighting development because they are more stable than organic phosphors and their high heat resistance enables better LED manufacturing capability, high illumination performance, long lifetime and resistance to power spike damage. Solid-state lighting made with QDX™ LED’s will require less heat sinks or baffles and bring new and simpler design form factors to the lighting.

A new report from n-tech Research (formerly Nanomarkets) entitled ‘Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots: 2015 to 2022’ estimates the market for quantum dots (QDs) will grow from +$400 million in 2015 to $5.5 billion in 2020 and $12 billion in 2022.

Quantum Materials was cited in Sri Peruvemba’s recent article for The Society for Information Display (SID) on ‘Top 10 trends in display technology’ and Quantum Materials executives at SID’s Display Week 2015 launching QDX™ this week include CEO Stephen Squires, Chief Science Officer Dr. Ghassan Jabbour, Senior Director of Business Development for Asia/Pacific Toshi Ando, and Art Lamstein, Director of Marketing.