Qualcomm’s SDK Simplifies VR Development

Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon VR SDK for its new Snapdragon 820 chips. Developers can use the SDK to access ‘advanced’ tools, which will simplify development of VR applications and raise power efficiency.

The development kit features digital signal processing sensor fusion, which developers can use to combine high-frequency inertial data from sensors like gyroscopes. In addition, there is a function called ‘predictive head position processing’, to predict head movements, and Qualcomm’s Symphony System Manager, which can be used to manipulate power and performance management to stabilise VR frame rates.

Other features include ways to lower latency by up to 50% (single buffer rendering) and to support 3D binocular vision with colour correction and barrel distortion (stereoscopic rendering with lens correction).

Developers will be able to access the Snapdragon VR SDK in Q2’16, through the Qualcomm Developer Network.