Optoma Projectors Enhance Climbing Wall Experience

Optoma sent us an intriguing case study of the use of projection to enhance the experience of climbing walls. The system combines the projector with a body tracking system (based on an XBox Kinect) that can recognise the climber’s movements. The system can be used for games and training and has been installed in seven countries in Europe and in North America, South Korea, Singapore and Australia. The developer is Augmented Climbing Wall.

Augmented Climbing Walls

The projector is an Optoma X605 which is mounted in a casing.

Dr Raine Kajastilla of Augmented said,

“Even small walls can have hundreds of distinct routes and games that create new fun challenges for climbers. This has not just been adopted by climbing walls across the globe but also by visitor centres, shopping malls and events as an added attraction. The beauty of the system is that they can add marketing messages to the wall such as sponsor logos.

We chose the X605 to sit at the heart of the solution because it has a great price to quality ratio, great reliability and produces outstanding brightness”.

The projector is mounted in a case on a special pylon that also includes the motion sensor and a touchscreen interface.

optoma X605 cased