Tianma NLT America Introduces New 4K2K LCD with NLT’S Proprietary SFT2 Technology for Ultra-high Transmissivity

Tianma NLT America has introduced a new 19.5″ diagonal 4K2K resolution LCD developed by NLT Technologies Ltd. with a proprietary pixel structure that delivers high transmissivity and high-density color display.

The new LCD utilizes NLT’s proprietary new Super Fine TFT2 (SFT2) technology, which is comparable to In-Plane Switching (IPS) and an evolutionary version of NLT’s proprietary wide viewing angle technology, Super Fine TFT. By making radical modifications to the wiring, electrodes and other aspects of the pixel design, NLT has attained an ultra-high aperture ratio to achieve transmissivity levels of 180% — higher than those of conventional technology and at fine pixel pitch levels.

Features of the new LCD include:

(1) Low power consumption

By improving the panel’s light-utilization efficiency, high luminance is achieved while keeping power consumption low. Combined with an optimal backlight design, this enables power consumption to be reduced, delivering a power savings of approximately 35% compared with existing displays.

(2) Reduction of heat generation

Because the amount of power consumed by the backlight is dramatically reduced, the amount of heat generated by the LCD module is also reduced. This obviates the need to include a cooling fan in the monitor and enables the size of the heat-dissipation slits to be reduced, so the module poses fewer constraints on system design.

(3) Wide color gamut

NLT’s proprietary new SFT2 technology combines outstanding viewing angle characteristics with high transmissivity. A wide color gamut (NTSC ratio in excess of 80%) is achieved without sacrificing luminance. Moreover, SFT2 technology suppresses the change of color tone when viewed from an angled position. The LCD module delivers display characteristics suitable for high-end applications — such as broadcasting, graphic design and medical imaging — that require high color reproduction.

In recent years, displays used in industrial and medical applications have shown a trend toward higher density and higher luminance in order to deliver improved image quality. However, the backlights used in high density, high luminance LCDs consume more power. Taking into consideration environmental impact and system maintenance costs, it is necessary to achieve a reduction in power consumption.

SFT2 technology dramatically improves the efficiency of light utilization of the LCD panel, delivering outstanding luminance and resolution with low power consumption. Because the module generates less heat, it does not need a cooling fan, and the heat dissipation slits require less area than in conventional modules. Consequently, the footprint of the monitor utilizing the panel can be made smaller.

To meet the high level of demand in the medical and industrial fields, NLT continues to develop display solutions delivering improvements such as wider viewing angles, higher image quality and lower power consumption.

A prototype of new LCD module will be showcased at the Embedded Systems Expo 2015 (#East 11-60), May 14-16, at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, and also at Display Week 2015 (#917), June 2-4, in San Jose, California, USA.