PMA Research Data Shows Sales of High-Brightness Projectors Hit Record High

PMA Research, the worldwide market information experts on front projectors, announced that worldwide sales of projectors with +10,000 lumens rose to an all-time high during the first half of 2022.

With the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in advanced economies, consumers turned their spending from at-home products to out-of-home entertainment. That sparked strong growth in sales of super-bright projectors for large venues such as concert halls, theme parks, stadiums, and planetariums. Continued growth of immersive or experiential entertainment using projection mapping technology also contributed to the high-brightness gains as did ongoing strength in the higher-education market.

Overall, worldwide demand in this segment registered 20% growth during the first half of the year. That was due to robust gains in advanced economies, including the U.S., Western Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea. Combined sales in these countries grew more than 50% during the first half of the year.

However, sales in China during the first half of this year couldn’t keep pace with last year’s growth as the lockdowns and economic headwinds earlier this year took a toll on overall growth in emerging economies. Sales in Russia came to a screeching halt while the Indian market showed signs of recovery. Still, that wasn’t enough to offset the sluggishness in China.

About PMA Research

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