Planet Desert Tours with AV Stumpfl Screens

AV Stumpfl VarioClip Screens will be used in the ongoing 150 venue “Planet Desert” multimedia tour by Michael Martin. Martin takes all his own multimedia equipment along, including a 20,000 ANSI Lumen Panasonic PT-DZ21 projector that he says, “manages to let even my biggest 14 meter wide screen shine brightly.” The PT-DZ21 is a 3-chip DLP WUXGA (1920×1200) projector with four lamps, each with a 2,000 hour life. The projector receives the content via a high performance computer running AV Stumpfl’s Wings Platinum software, which allows for the creation of an image and sound synthesis.

The frame size of AV Stumpfl’s VarioClip system can be varied in the field.

Perhaps the most critical item for the tour is the projection screens. Martin uses the AV Stumpfl VarioClip mobile projection screen system for his presentations. He is taking on-tour two VarioClip frames, one 2:1 and the other 3:2, along with 14 different sized screens to fit the two frames. Since the show is going into so many different sized and shaped auditoriums, a range of sizes and aspect ratios are needed. The 2:1 screens will be used in auditoriums with lower ceilings and wider stages and the 3:2 screens will be used where the stage is higher and narrower.

Martin said, “I am very happy with the projectors, the projection screens and the software. It is a perfect unity that guarantees projections at the highest quality-level. No matter which auditorium we are in, we always have the largest and brightest images that have ever been projected there. Members of the audience often approach me specifically because of this.”

The VarioClip frame system breaks down into modestly sized pieces, all of which fit into a standard size delivery van. Mr. Martin decides on-site what is the largest possible screen that can be used and assembles the frame to fit that screen.

The tour continues from now through it’s final scheduled performance on 26 January 2018 in Bremen, Germany. The trailer for the Planet Desert tour can be seen on YouTube. –Matthew Brennesholtz