Pioneer and Tronitag Partner to Bring LG Innotek to the UK

Pioneer Group has announced a partnership for the market leading ESL system by troniTAG (the partner of LG Innotek) for the UK & Ireland, providing turnkey support for retail roll outs in the region.

Digital price labels are at the forefront of retail innovation, enabling dynamic pricing to be disseminated to an infinite number of labels across single or multiple sites from an easy to use dashboard. The ESL use E paper displays (the technology used in electronic books) to replace paper pricing labels. These bistable displays consume no energy except when being updated, ensuring the batteries last for many years.

The ESL update protocol utilises LG Innotek internal technology communication, based on Zigbee at 2.4GHz, encryption level AES128 for secure transmission of the pricing data. Zigbee being a different language means it doesn’t conflict with in-store Wifi, ensuring all labels accurately update.

This new partnership combines the extensive experience of Pioneer Digital in the retail sector with the cutting edge retail solutions in troniTAG’s portfolio. Pioneer’s expertise in deploying and servicing digital display systems enables the electronic price labels to be part of a digital screen communication and promotion platform for each store.

Paul Childerhouse, Pioneer Group Director explains;

“The troniTAG system supported by LG Innotek is second to none in the market and we’re proud to be making it accessible with full UK service centres and regional installation teams to give training and help to continually develop how the labels are used once deployed.

“The troniTAG system links stock management systems to the ESL on the shelf, which means retailers, supermarkets and pharmacies can keep their pricing as up to date on shelf as they do in their EPOS systems.”

This technology helps retailers to communicate consistent messaging in store, online and through its staff at point of sale, with precision and in real time. This also automates the pricing change process, minimising waste and potential for error while freeing up staff members to improve the retail experience.

The multi-million production capacity of LG Innotek ensures the system is the most price competitive on the market, with a robust LG supply chain to futureproof large scale installations. LG is at the forefront of development in screen technology and system software, while troniTAG is a market leader in a vast range of fixtures and fittings to enable a variety of deployment options to suit the store’s current infrastructure and systems. In addition to the battery powered ESL options, integrated models without internal batteries can be powered from a power source in shelf fixing rails.

Dirk Welsch, Managing Director of troniTAG explains;

“Pioneer is the best partner to deliver the troniTAG system for our customers in the UK, with a great installation and support service and extensive experience in the retail market. There is a huge opportunity for grocery, electronic and pharmacy retailers particularly in the UK to make savings on staff time and printed label costs. The interest levels are rapidly increasing in this technology and we expect to see a big uptake throughout 2017.”

The current popular models are available in are black, white and red colourways with other options being rapidly developed for specialist deployments with retailers.