Philips Brings SoftBlue to Home and Office

Philips/MMD is in the process of introducing a variety of new SoftBlue displays to stores, for both the home (E-Line) and office (P-Line).

SoftBlue monitors were launched last year, and first seen at IFA 2014 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 36). The technology reduces the blue light coming from a display, but not through using filters, which changes the colour fidelity of a screen. Instead, SoftBlue shifts the wavelength of blue light: from 450nm to 460nm. According to MMD, this reduces ‘potentially detrimental’ blue light by up to 90%.

All five new displays feature IPS panels, with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 178° viewing angles. LED backlights produce 250 cd/m² of brightness for the displays. All models have stands capable of -5° to 20° tilt; the P-Line adds 350° swivel; 90° pivot; and 130mm height adjustment.

SmartContrast, which dynamically adjusts contrast levels, and SmartImage Lite, which adjusts contrast, colour saturation and sharpness, are built into the E-Line models. The P-Line models feature SmartImage and flicker-free technology, as well as an economy mode and ‘person sensor’; this will lower brightness if a user is not present.

The E-Line is available now, in 27″ (277E6EDAD), 23.6″ (247E6EDAW) and 21.5″ (227E6EDSD) sizes. These models have MHL-HDMI, DVI-D and VGA ports. They cost £170 ($265) (27″), £120 ($190) (23.6″) and £95 ($150) (21.5″).

Philips’ P-Line monitors are the 23.8″ 241P6EPJEB (£190 ($300)) and 21.5″ 221P6EPYEB (£160 ($250)).

All prices are ex VAT.