Peerless AV Impresses with Bonded Displays

peerless totemPeerless works with NEC and had this monitor in its totemPeerless AV was making the most of its relationship with the Daytona Raceway which is very local to Orlando. The company supplies displays to the location (it is buying 700 displays from Peerless) and so the company had a Daytona-themed booth. The beer-based “happy hour” was also proving popular!

We were impressed with the optically bonded displays and totems that Peerless was showing at the show and that it promotes for use in high ambient lighting. The optical bonding improves the contrast by reducing internal reflections and Brian McClimans (VP of Global Business Development) told us that this is more effective than simply “fighting the sun”. The optical bonding means that fans are not needed. You can see our video interview with Brian at (Peerless AV Explains Optical Bonding Advantages).

Peerless also confirmed what we heard at the Display Summit, that QSRs are adopting a lot of digital signage, with the new US regulations mandating publishing the calorie content of meals, are pushing the sector to review what they are doing in all their signage and communications.

Peerless daytona