Peach: Innovative Liquid-crystal Technology Makes Displays as Hard as Sapphire

Liquid Glass is the replacement of classic screen protector films. The liquid glass, which is applied with a cloth, forms within a few minutes an ultra-hard nano-coating which protects the display and glass surfaces, starting from smartphones over tablets and notebooks up to camera lens or watch glasses not only from scratches, but also the visibility of fingerprints are emphatically reduced.

The times, when the application of screen protector films went along with bubbles, glue residues, a changed haptics and negative effects on the display quality, are over. Liquid Glass, an innovative liquid-crystal technology, seals display surfaces with a nano thin, ultra-hard and highly transparent glass layer.

The Peach Liquid Glass Screen Protector Kit contains all the necessary components and is very easy to use. After the display has been thoroughly cleaned with the prepared cleaning cloth, Liquid Glass is evenly applied to the display surface via a sealing cloth, which is also enclosed, and after a drying time of 10 minutes polish with the microfiber cloth supplied. After about 30 minutes the protective layer is so hard that the device can be used. The final hardening is completed after about 10 hours.

The result is an invisible, water-repellent seal with a hardness of 9H (according to the international Mohs scale), which protects the display significantly against any kind of scratches, for example by metallic objects such as keys or coins. The scratch resistance 9H corresponds to the hardness of sapphire and is only surpassed by diamond on the 10-step hardness scale. The protective layer is also biostatic and reduces microbacterial growth by more than 99%. The visibility of fingerprints is also reduced by the lotus effect. The resistance of the protective layer, which has been demonstrated in practice tests, is 12 months or 200,000 wiping operations.

The Peach Liquid Glass Screen Protector Kit PA109 is now available.

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