Parrot Faurecia Media Center for European Car Market

Parrot Faurecia has announced via its official website that its in-car entertainment solution, Media Center, has been chosen by a “premium European car maker as a line-fit option”.

Media Center incorporates a worldwide digital TV tuner and a multimedia server with an Ethernet router to stream video, audio and photo content to rear passenger display units, or iOS and Android tablets via a proprietary app.

The Media Center set-top box is also capable of converting any incoming video signal into a standardised H.264 video stream for easy decoding by modern displays.

Jean-Luc Tété, CEO at Parrot Faurecia Automotive said:

“Our Media Center enables rear passengers to make the most of their ride and enjoy all kinds of multimedia content on their tablets, including HD TV at very high speeds. We are proud to bring this unique rear seat entertainment solution to the market”.