PanelSemi Gears Up to Launch the World’s First Flexible AM Mini LED Display

PanelSemi Corporation, a Taiwan-based panel semiconductor provider, is unveiling the world’s first flexible Active-Matrix (AM) Mini LED Display, called Primary, at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas, on January 5-8th.

PanelSemi will be showcasing their Primary’s solution at the TTA Pavilion at Booth 61423 and 61837 in Sands — Hall G, Eureka Park, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Titus Chang, Vice President AM Mini-LED Display PanelSemi Corporation said, “As the world’s first company to offer the panel foundry business model, we are continuously innovating to build a comprehensive TFT-LCD and semiconductors ecosystem. Primary is the culmination of our innovation that we believe will provide infinite opportunities for different businesses, through a high-speed and immersive visual experience for users.”

Primary is a 55-inch display that is extra lightweight at only 1 kilogram, ultra-thin with only 1-millimeter thickness, and flexible with a 360-degrees viewing angle. It comes with a stunning display curving and seamless tiling in 9-inch bricks for a larger display that is easy to assemble. It is also an eco-friendly display where 4 hours of use only requires one 10 K-mAh power bank.

The Primary display can transform into concave, convex, s-curve, cylinder, and rollable form. Its core is the innovative Active-Matrix (AM) on TFT panel technology that can bond each LED, sensor, and semiconductor intelligently. Research by the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) also reiterates that the AM technology inside the Primary is safer for viewers as it leads to less dry eyes.

PanelSemi has extensive experience in providing limitless use cases of the Primary display, namely in commercial advertising, robotic, and subway applications for the Japanese market or the high-end boardroom applications. A cylinder display to show beverage advertisements helps the company create a realistic image. Another case showcases a human-height virtual character on a cylindrical display to assist animators in realizing out-of-the-box ideas.

“As a system integrator, we are used to square and flat displays. With the Primary inner-curved display, we design a special cave to create a feeling of drones flying inside the tunnel. In the future, we are also discussing the possibility of developing a bender and steeper e-sport track design for a more engaging visual experience,” said PH Lin, President of Space4M.

Furthermore, PanelSemi is committed to provide cutting-edge solutions for businesses adjusting to their needs. The Active-Matrix technologyenables them to smoothen the integration process of both software and hardware. It will assist businesses by enhancing their message transmission to the intended audience and placing them in the front-line of technology advancement to win the competition.

Not only owned technology, but PanelSemi can also work with new technological systems from third parties, such as photomask design, process development, glass input development, and the improvement of efficiency and yield rate.

About PanelSemi Corporation

PanelSemi provides the world’s first Panel Foundry Business Model service and assist worldwide customers in the forward-looking technology innovative research and development by building the ecosystem of TFT-LCD and Semiconductor.

Panel Semi provides an Active Matrix mini-LED solution to support both software and hardware integration with display for customers’ requirements. Moreover, Panel Semi can support new technology development from 3rd party of LCD fabs such as photomask design, process development, glass input management, and improvement of efficiency & yield rate.